Our warehouse facility and Freight/Logistics Group really set us apart from our competition. Our ability to manage the logistical side of our business in-house gives us the flexibility and control needed to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your goods.

Our equipment and experienced staff give us the ability to handle shipments of all sizes, ranging from single box air shipments to multi-container ocean shipments. Via ocean, we can ship Full Container Loads (FCL), Flat Racks, or Less Than Container Loads (LCL). If your freight is needed quicker than ocean transit times allow, we are also capable of shipping via air freight, DHL Express, or United States Postal Service.

In addition to our ability to ship freight out of our own facility, we can also arrange source loads from anyplace in the USA and shipments out of all major U.S. Ports. We have an extensive network of carriers at our disposal for all of your intermodal and marine freight needs.

Our freight & logistics group works hand-in-hand with our sales teams, handling everything from tracking your freight coming into our warehouse, to booking containers and filling out the export documentation.

The experience and creative thinking of our warehouse staff gives us the confidence that every order is inventoried, each container is loaded to maximum capacity, and each shipment is sent out in the most cost effective way possible.



18408 NE San Rafael St.
Portland, OR 97230